I wonder, what is it that makes me fall apart?
My heart can’t handle seeing a vision so dark,
so cold.
What is it,
what is there to do?
My hopes my dreams,
they’re shattered in two.

Worlds, I can’t pick one above the other.
They must coexist or I’d break apart and wither.
Each single teardrop falling down my face,
is another sign that I’m only a disgrace.

I can’t,
stop myself from feeling this way.
The only one I care about has told me that’s the case.

I can’t fake the people around me,
I cant fake reality,
only escape existentially,
~hate the people who adore me.~


Why can’t I see myself past this place-
this gate with a single shard of ice.
As though my life was only a mistaken correction,
what can I do to fix this empty world?

What can I do to fix myself?

Beat drop

There’s nothing I can do that changes myself,
I can only run away and accept how it is.
All I want is the courage to move on my own,
to fight for myself, to do what’s right.

Please don’t give up and come and save me!!

All I can do is dodge my problems,
never fixing what truly makes me sad.

What right do I have to even complain?

Fun, is it right am I not?
Guilt turned to malice made me r-o-t.

~Why is wretched world so filthy and mis-placed!?~

I should’ve never been born.
I’m the reason you can’t find love.
All of it, everything is my fault.

Ah, I get it!
I’ll stop,
this world made was not all for naught.

It has meaning all around,
only me being bound.

without me.

I’ll stop,
I’ll give in,
I’ll give up,
I’ll hate this damn world,
for all it is!

No one’s there to save me again,
only another fickle make-believe parent,
stop faking it,
I know the truth.

I’m only a nuisance.
The reason you two can’t find love is because of me.

my dearest old Papa,
please come back to me.

Tell me I am loved just one last time.