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Including personal and enterprise hosting solutions.

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Hosting Solutions you Need Explore Our Solutions

Game Servers

Ready for gamers to reach your server from around the world. With the latest enterprise hardware, expect to get performance, stability and security.

Virtual Machines

Computation with the best value to performance in most applications and instances. Fully virtual contained environments with minimal computational steal.

Enterprise Solutions

Extreme reliability, performance and flexibility combined with full enterprise hardware. Multiple specialised applications for specific processes.

Bot Hosting

Zero sacrifices on small instance bot hosting, with latest generation of hardware, storage, database solutions, able to handle hundreds to thousands of requests per second.

Web Development

Your website designed from ground up, based on visual user interface and your application. Reach and drive visitors with impressive design elements and responsiveness.

Web Hosting

Detailed support for applications and frameworks such as WordPress, drive traffic and engage your audience with the the modern web development and design.

We Deliver

& Features

These features are included in every hosting solution and plan, to ensure that you get you running without any errors.

Extremely Fast

Our servers runs on the newest computational architecture that out performs most of our competitors. We also run on at minimum fibre gigabit connections to the wider internet to minimise ping and connection lag.

DDoS Protection

We protect and mitigate all of our servers from DDoS attacks, preventing your service from ever going down. These varies from level 5 to 7 depending on the package you get.

Quality Guarantee

All of our products and everything in our store comes with peace of mind. We ensure that what you paid for is what you get. If we don't meet the product description by any way, simply request a refund.

Expert Support

Our support team consists of experts in the field, some of us have thousands of hours of hours of experience and years in learning and field. Our staff team will respond within 24 hours maximum, at the request of support.

Your Own Containers

You have your own container for every single hosting plan, this is to keep performance and security. Having your own environment prevents others from stealing your performance.

Ultra Scalability

Need a bigger package during deployment? We can increase most package sizes within hours and scale with demand. Enterprise and dedicated may take longer to scale.

Updates & Development

We are always in development making updates almost every single week. Expect new features and solutions coming out to match and exceed the ever developing technology landscape.

Software Support

Our systems are made to run with all sorts of software and applications, we do not limit any software for the application and use of what you purchased for.

Plugins & Add-ons Support

We can run nearly all types of plugins and mods, however we do not provide an auto installer. All of the mods and plugins are up to the user allowing maximum control.

Enterprise Hardware

We value the best balance in price and performance, with the greatest reliability. Our servers are built from the ground up with enterprise hardware to ensure every server gets or exceed the performance quality that they paid for. We have a 99% uptime money back guarantee on all our plans.

The Best Panel

We run Pterodactyl panel for small servers, it is one of the fastest, most efficient panels out there, the panel's UI is easy to use with your game and bots servers all in one place.

Very High Satisfaction

We conducted a voluntary survey and our customer satisfaction is above 90%. We tend to help our customers as much as we can. For long term customers, we tend to give discounts and offers!

More Eco Friendly

We care about the environment and that's why we try to run our servers as efficient and from renewable resources as much as we can. Although only a fraction of our energy consumption comes from renewable resources, we're trying to decrease our carbon footprint sustainably .

Even More on the cloud Additional solutions

There are also host a range of other solutions that are on the cloud.
Contact us to consult for availability, pricing and purchase. Terms & Conditions apply.

Custom Servers
S3 Cloud Storage
MySQL Databases
Virtual Private Network
Proxy / Load Balancing
Monitoring Services
Data Migration Services
Content Deilvery Network
Internet Service Solutions*
Network Security Applications


My Cloud Private Cloud Software

Don’t rely on big cloud companies to to keep your data safe, host it yourself.
Get a private end to end encrypted cloud instance with us, including cloud storage, chat, office and more for either yourself or your cooperation.

Powering the Greater Internet

We are Global. Network Infrastructure

We contribute some of our infrastructure and bandwidth to speed up the internet.
Resulting in less routing, less traffic, more efficient, faster internet.

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Join our volunteer team and work on projects that we find interests in, our projects varies from making games and websites to engines that power parts of the internet. Our community prides ourselves in the work we contribute.