The worlds best Discord bot?

Yung Bot The general purpose bot.

The one bot that is special and not special at the same time.
It does have many features that are not in other bots…

Listen to Music

Yung Bot is also a music bot, built for a high quality streaming service from sources over the internet.

There are special features like filters, saves, playlists and many more features that makes  Yung Bot special.

Type y, help list all the music commands

Talk to an AI chat bot

We’re partnered with to bring you an awesome AI chat bot to your Discord server. The chat bot can talk about pretty much any topic.

If you need anyone to talk to, just ping Yung Bot and followed by a message. @Yung Bot Message here!

Explore More Even More Features

Info Commands

Simple info commands that helps you with the Discord information you need.

Fun Commands

Explore fun commands that will keep your Discord members entertained for more than a good while.


With simple moderation commands that helps you moderate your server easily.